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  Photographer:  Brandon Woelfel , NY






For Professionals and Hobbyists

Digital cameras have given the photographer enthusiast new horizons and ways to experiment in photography. Now with the advent of this modern technology photography has become fun and enjoyable for professionals and hobbyists alike. The best part about using a digital camera is the fact that you can easily upload photos to photo galleries .

Stock Photos

There are plenty of reasons in today’s world to need stock photos, and they range from finding the right image for a published work to fancying up your personal blog. If you come across the right websites to find the perfect images for your products, in fact, you could end with a creation that looks beautiful and professional without breaking the law or the bank to do so.

Art & Design

Create beautiful designs for your social media. Use drag-and-drop feature and layouts to design, share and print business cards, logos, presentations and more. Get inspired with design ideas and create your own with easy tools.


 ..." I like the variety and use Shutterstock . It has a good selection especially vectors. I can download them and open it in adobe illustrator to change a few things. It also super easy to use, but it also has a bit of clutter." 

Jason, NY

 ..." Canva is so easy to use. I tried using Adobe suite, but it's time consuming to learn and being on a small marketing team I never had time to fully learn everything I needed to, I just had to get images and tuff produced quickly. So I tried Canva. So easy, lots of free options, and the quality looks great. I also like that they have templates to quickly choose what you need. Having the brand kit comes in handy too so you can preselect your colors easily and not put in the color codes each time.." 

Rachel, Ohio



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