About Us

Who we Are

This website is owned and Operated by EnContext Advertising (a division of OnwardClick, Inc.)

While we partner with publishers and advertisers on our exchange OnwardClick.com ( www.onwardclick.com ) to enable CPC and CPM acquisition of traffic, we offer a CPA and CPL options with EnContext Advertising. Our websites are very targeted at specific verticals and feature original content and videos, entertaining articles and stories. Through these sites we offer banner, contextual links, rich media, video, product offers, push notification and many more options that advertisers need to be successful.

We also offer brand safe traffic with high standard of filtration and scoring to insure that any traffic coming from adult sites, BOT sources and other known and suspicious sources are blocked.

Our company is based in the Bay Area in California. Our aim is to be nothing short of the best at what we do.

Finally, while we are a for profit enterprise, our goal is to offer visitors contextual offers and the best possible experience when searching for something either on their desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

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